Advance Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes Wishes SMS Messages Greetings Cards Images in Hindi & English

Advance Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes Wishes SMS Messages Greetings Cards Images in Hindi & English Advance Happy Friendship Day Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings in Hindi & English: Hello Friends, Friendship Day 2017 has come soon. Are you looking for Happy Friendship Day Quotes Wishes & Messages? Then you are at the very right article. In this post, we have shared the amazing collection of Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship Day Wishes & Messages in Hindi & English language. Friendship day is an exceptional event to show our love and dedication to our friends and loved one and a day to celebrate to honour them. You can send happy friendship day wishes to your buddies’ and loving person like girlfriends, boyfriends, and wife as well by sending them a beautiful and heart touching friendship day gifts that will increase your faith to each other.

Friendship day wishes a wonderful way to become more fondly to our friends and loving person. So you should wish happy friendship day beautifully and extraordinarily. You can wish happy friendship day to your friendship day in Hindi because this is our mother tongue and a better way to wish happy friendship day to your dear and loving person. In the eastern country, English is a common language, so can also wish friendship day in English as well to your girlfriend, boyfriend, and friends as it will leave a beautiful impression on the mind of the receiver and will help to come closer to your buddies.

Friendship day is one of the biggest events that people celebrate worldwide on the first Sunday of August with lots of passion and excitement. Friendship is a lovely way to engage two people with soul and emotions. So friendship day is a golden opportunity to celebrate in honour of our friends who play a significant role in our lives to make our life so special and beautiful by their incredible
contributions. You can check the below best collection of Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship Day Quotes Images in Hindi & English.

A friend is SWEET when it’s NEW, It’s SWEETER when it’s TRUE, AND YOU KNOW, It’s SWEETEST when it’s YOU. Happy Friendship Day 2017.

Hold a true friend with both your hands Happy Friends Day
Friendship is a little more trust,

A little less try,
A little more laugh,
And a little less cry,
A little more WE and a little less I.
Friendship day 2017 All of You.

मुझसे एक दोस्त नहीं बदला जाता,
चाहे लाख दूरी होने पर
लोगों के तो भगवान तक बदल जाते हैं
एक मुराद पूरी ना होने पर

Kabhi kabhi dosti me b duriya aa jati h
Phir b succhi dosti dilo ko milati hain..
Voh dost hi kya jo kabhi naraj na ho….
Par succhi dosti hi dosto ko manati hai

दोस्त दिल की हर बात समझ जाया करते हैं
सुख दुःख के हर पल में साथ हुआ करते है
दोस्त तो मिला करते है तक़दीर वालो को
मिले ऐसी तक़दीर हर बार हम दुआ करते है

Happy Friendship Day Wishes in Hindi & English

if you are not available to meet your friends and loving person, then you can also send him funny friendship day gifts and messages on the greeting card or friendship day letter with lots of love and best regard. Now a day friendship day is also celebrated on online through facebook and Whatsapp by sending funny, happy friendship day Quotes, Messages, and greetings, etc. for girlfriends and boyfriends that will give some laugh to your loving person. This friendship day honours your friends and wishes him happy friendship day with funny friendship day images and message that will make and feel him happy and will give lots of pleasure.

FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U for Get but how U for Give,
Not how U listen but how U Under Stand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.

The relation between one heart and another heart is called love,
but the relation between heart and heartbeat is called Friendship
Happy Friendship Day 2017!

सारी मुस्किलो में साथ देते है दोस्त
हर गम को बाँट लेते है दोस्त

ना रिश्ता खून से ना रिवाजों से बंधा
फिर भी जिंदगी भर साथ देते है दोस्त

ए दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती की कसम
तेरी दोस्ती में खुद को महफूज़ मानते है
और सुब दोस्तों में तुझको सबसे अज़ीज़ मानते है

है क़र्ज़ तेरी दोस्ती का मुझ पर
हम खुदा को बहुत खुसनसीब मानते हैं

Happy Friendship Day Messages in English

Friendship day is not only a day to honour your friends by presenting him gifts but also a day to have fun and enjoy. Here are we providing some beautiful and lovely friendship day funny images, messages and quotes that you can share with your friend’s timeline, and it will make his day, and you will become more fondly to your buddies.

If U need a friend and there are a
hundred steps between us, you can
take the 1st step to get near me
and I will take all 99 step to be there for you.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

I may never get the chance to win the lottery. I may never get the chance to go on vacation. But I have the chance to be your friend, that chance I will take.

Life Is A Party Whenever I Am With You,
You Turn My Tears Into Smiles
When We Share And Laugh Together,
You Make Me Spend A Lot And It Is Worth It,
Because I Care About You, My Dear Friend.

When A Rose Withers, Its Value Fades Away.
When A Candle Is Lit, It Melts Away And Its Fire Dies,
But The Friendship You Have Shown Me
Is Like Fire That Burns In My Heart Eternally.

Zindagi Mein Kuchh Dost Khas Ban Gaye
Mile Toh Mulakat Aur Bichde Toh Yaad Ban Gaye
Kuchh Dost Dheere Dheere Fislate Chale Gaye
Par Jo Dil Se Na Gaye Woh Aap Ban Gaye.

दोस्ती अच्छी हो तो रंग़ लाती है
दोस्ती गहरी हो तो सबको भाती है
दोस्ती नादान हो तो टूट जाती है
पर अगर दोस्ती अपने जैसी हो

तो इतिहास बनाती है…..!!!!!!!

Ek Dost Ko Dosti Ka Toffa Nhi Diya Jata,
Kabhi Dil Ko Dhadkne Ko Nhi Kaha Jata,
Dene Ko To Laker De Do Chaand
Per Ek Chand Se Dost Ko Kabhi Chand Nhi Diya Jata.

Dear Friend,
When I Ask You A Flower,
You Give Me A Bouquet.
When I Ask You A Stone,
You Give Me A Statue.
When I Ask You A Feather,
You Give Me A Peacock.

Ye mat sochna ki friendship kakr bhul jayenge tumhein,
Dur rahkar bhi chahenge tumhein,
Agar Dost bankar ras na aaye to…
Bhut bankar aayenge aur darayenge tumhein…

How long shall v b friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will b friends.


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